Integrated Data Scripting for the Cloud - Get started with MBrace.Core and MBrace.Azure today.

Welcome to MBrace simple scripting of scalable compute and data jobs big data and big compute

MBrace.Core is a simple programming model for scalable cloud data scripting and programming with F# and C#. With MBrace.Azure, you can script Azure for large-scale compute and data processing, directly from Visual Studio.

Getting Started with the MBrace.Azure preview in Visual Studio 2013

  1. If necessary, learn basic F# scripting in Visual Studio 2013
  2. Follow the step-by-step guide to create your cluster in Azure using Brisk Engine. (If you have special needs you can provision an MBrace Azure cloud service explicitly)
  3. Download the hands-on tutorial and learn MBrace
  4. Give feedback on github

Training and Support

Consultancy partners including Nessos and Elastacloud contribute to MBrace and provide training, support and consultancy services.

Combining the strength and experience of two consultancies, Nessos and Elastacloud partner to bring you training and support for both MBrace.Core and MBrace.Azure.

MBrace.Core - Cloud Programming Made Simple

Confused by the cloud? Cloud computation and data can be simple, if using the right framework. MBrace.Core helps the cloud empower you, not enslave you.

MBrace.Azure - Included Features

Whether new to Azure or an advanced Azure developer, MBrace.Azure brings Azure storage and compute to your fingertips.

MBrace.Azure brings Azure scalability directly into Visual Studio

MBrace.Azure integrates Azure storage and compute VMs as a kind of co-processor to your F# Interactive scripting sessions or your F#/C# applications. It brings Azure scalability directly into Visual Studio using an intuitive and powerful data scripting model. Combining MBrace.Azure with F# gives a powerful and scalable cloud data scripting solution. Don Syme, F# Language Designer

Scaling out Legacy Software

MBrace proved to be one of the most valuable tools we 've ever used; it managed to scale our flagship application ThermoS (a FORTRAN based legacy application) to the cloud, orchestrating a multitude of parametric executions and gathering all of the data produced, without altering a single line of code in ThermoS! The combination of Azure and MBrace coupled with ThermoS provided us with the necessary capacity for our clients' growing needs while keeping the costs at an absolute minimum.

Panos Theodossopoulos, CEO Propulsion Analytics

Distributing Machine Learning Tasks

I was amazed by the simplicity of MBrace and how quickly we could go from starting out for the first time to running compute tasks on a cluster of 150 instances, all from with Visual Studio! Machine learning tasks often require cleaning up the dataset before being able to run any training on them. These clean up tasks could take a lot of time. In our case it was finding and removing duplicate images irrespective of their scale, resolution or crop. By using MBrace's easy compute distribution we could quickly try out our ideas and get results

Indeera, Machine Learning Software Developer

Contribute to MBrace!

MBrace.Core and MBrace.Azure are both fully open source under an Apache 2.0 license. You can contribute to them today.

Who are we?

Meet the people behind MBrace!

Eirik Tsarpalis Core team

Eirik is F# developer and mathematician at Nessos.

Nick Palladinos Core team

Nick is lead software designer and researcher at Nessos.

Kostas Rontogiannis Core team

Kostas is F# Developer and Azure specialist at Nessos.

Isaac Abraham Elastacloud Brisk team

F# MVP, experienced C# consultant, user of Azure, guitar shredder and mad Tottenham fan.